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Yabatech: AMACOS the Experience 2018 Graduating Set - Chidinmma Vivian Ekwute

This is the shared experience of  Chidinmma Vivian Ekwute, a 2018 graduate of Mass Communication, Yaba College of Technology.

Read below:

"Few years ago, I made a mere decision of taking a step into higher institution, never knowing it would be a big step today.

Discouraged after seeing the number of graduates I met few Years ago, the thought of even buying a Yabatech PT form was avoided. But with God and my Mum, I took a bold step, bought the form, experienced a new world of great people with like minds who willingly joined forces with me in pursuit of their own goals, to ensure my hopes and aspirations were met. The sweet, the intelligent, the crazy, and the host of others were all special in their own ways.

I just want to say 'thanks' for your inspirations, prayers, and motivation for  me to get more serious in my study and assignment from ND1 first semester till the last day. From Monday to Friday, you encouraged me to seat and learn with you, usually smiling even with Nepa or blackout; reminding other friends about tests, assignments and exams.

Your companionship is amazingly heartfelt. Thanks to my sweet friends who stood by me during good or bad times. Please, don't relent in the pursuit of your career. One day, we will need each other's talent, even at the top!

We shall not die young. There was no sad news of death from ND1, so God shall guide and protect us to the fulfillment of our dreams. We all shall grow old to see our kids and grandkids. Many more years with smiles, greatness, joy and tears of joy. God bless you.

Thank you all! 🎼
Mma loves you all!!!😍😘💋"

Chidinmma Vivian Ekwute

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