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YABATECH: AMACOS WEEK 2018 (Complete Summary)

It is a week to remember as the Association Of Mass Communication Students (AMACOS), YABATECH chapter celebrated their week in a grand style.

The AMACOS Week, is a time (as given to other departments in the college) when students are allowed to express themselves in various activities roving from sports, cultural display, talents and so on. It is basically a 'do anyhow week,' of course with caution.

The Amacos week is mostly done towards the end of every second semester in the school and every students is expected to participate one way or the other. It always take five days of different activities by students of Mass Communication department, therefore, giving opportunity for students to display and associate with one another.

First day, Monday, 24th September, in Amacos week featured SEMINAR which enlightened students on school activities and careers to be chosen. It all started 10:00am and ended by 2:00pm. 
The dress code was corporate and venue was Yusuf Grillo Hall. This was later followed by awareness rally, around 5pm - from School Of Liberal Studies (SLS) frontage then round the school premises.

Second day in Amacos week featured TRADE FAIR which gave opportunity for Mass Communication students who are into business to showcase their products and services.

Later was Debate and the topic, "Press Freedom in Nigeria, is it an instrument for objective journalism or an instrument of political bait (political propaganda and campaign). Moderators for this event were from ND3 while the five debaters were from ND1, ND2, ND3, HND1 and HND2. This years winners are from HND2 and ND1. Dress code -  Denim jean on jean.

 Third day was overloaded. It involved lots of activities like - Head Of Department's Cup Final, Jersey day (students wore different jerseys to represent their football clubs) and a movie night with #maffia which gave upcoming artistes likes of Jay flex, Tife (Olori lamba), Dr Lizzy and others opportunity to perform.

All activities took place at the School sport complex and SLS frontage from 10am to 8pm.

Fourth day was basically called "Old skool day" in which students wore different old school outfits to the SLS frontage to just showcase and dance to the songs played by the disc jockey.

Fifth day in the Amacos week featured Dance, comedy, music, games, rap battle and showcasing of traditional attires. Students showcased their different traditional attires and food.
The show gave students the opportunity to enlighten people/ fellow students on what and how to prepare their various traditional food.

The most interesting part of the event that took place in the Amacos week was the all nights dance and songs played by a Disc jockey (DJ UZZY), a final year student of Yaba College Of Technology. It is a week that I will never forget.


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