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by Dr Chike Obidigbo

It is a pity that nobody thought about a fitting reward for the Eze Igbo, Dim Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, for lifting the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) from obscurity to national prominence.

Encouraging his wife, Ambassador Bianca Odumegwu Ojukwu, would have served two purposes: Recognising the husband’s contributions to the development of the party and fulfilling Ikemba’s aborted dream of representing his people in the Senate.

I had observed how APGA turned our dear Ikemba into a shadowy Patron Saint that became relevant during campaigns and elections, only to be consigned into distant memory lane immediately after. Ikemba as I said, sacrificed, not only his wealth, but his life for the lgbo cause.

Ikemba was tested and trusted by Nd’Igbo in general. But the selfish few that crept into APGA by then, with their alien leadership bent, idolatrous inclination and religious bigotry grabbed the party by the jugular and dragged the once favorite political movement of Ndigbo to the mud.

 I cried out about the massive conspiracy against Ojukwu's widow by people, who were supposed to have massively benefited from her husband’s legacies, especially the propulsion of APGA. Rather, they connived with their newfound FIR (Food is ready) politicians, who did not meet Ikemba, knew him or even understood the quantum of sacrifice and direction of his leadership style.

These were people hungry for influence and filthy lucre, who knew next to nothing about the foundational principles,vision and organizational format of the party, but bent on frustrating Ikemba’s widow. That they ended up disgracing the memory of the very man whose spirit kept the party alive and fed them fat from nothing.

 What I expect from Lady Bianca, that daughter of a Tiger, married to a Lion, is to fight back to recover the soul of the party. APGA is the only surviving Igbo legacy. She will not lack for support of patriotic Igbo sons and daughters who came together to found a platform for the political expression of a completely marginalized people. She should reach out to the original founders and quality ,supportive members,but excluding those who have sold their souls to the evil god of money and power at all costs

Should she fail in that effort, APGA stands the risk of disappearing into the wind of history, because that is the picture that is rapidly developing.

Lamentations for Lady Bianca is a collective cry of the Igbo about the way the sons of Belial have trampled on the jewel bequeathed to us through the labours of our heroes past! Weep not, Bianca, very soon the come shall come to become. God bless Ndigbo.

I am Osisioma Igbo, Dr Chike Obidigbo

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