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I am more than just a lady 'cos I choose to be!
I mold a team with a single soul
I am unstoppable and focus
I am authority
I am powerful and must be accorded with respect and honor.

I am more than just a lady!
I am love
I own love
I spread love in the hearts like wildfire
I breadth love!

I am more than just a lady!
I am fearless even when I look weak
I am a habit that survives  in hard trails
I strive with no limit
I am a Jaguar.

I am more than just a lady!
I am a symbol of happiness 'cos I spread it freely
I am a symbol of protection 'cos I protect the society
I get my babies confused sometimes
I worry so much for so many even when I needed not

I am more than just a lady!
I am the legend you seek.
I see my self hitting chest with Abija
One who seek and strive to be greater than ever
One who's brain is always calculating.

I am more than just a lady!
I am hopeless but give hope to the hopeless
I seem to know less but give more
I make majority doubt and criticize me, as same
 I am an inspiration to the living and the unborn

I am more than a just a lady.
I am Yaba, Oyingbo, Mushin, idumota, Asuwani, Eko-Idumota
I am the foundation of life and movement itself
I am hardly given the presidential sit but I know it's true owner
I am the owner!

I am more than just a lady!
I am sweet
When I cry others laugh
I get sweet blindly, partially, temporarily and permanently
I bless people with my sweetness
I am too much sauce

Regardless of your words, you know too well,  you can't and will never have experienced the positive and negative sides of life  if truly I am just a lady!.

I am DamDam

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