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Paul Strings - The Arrival Of A Music Star,

Born into a Christian background, raised in the church and actively involved in the choir, Paul Strings never imagined that a professional music career would be a thing for him.

“l was just doing music because I loved it and I was having fun at it, l never saw myself going beyond that threshold but here l am today… It’s a different story”.

“One thing that really excites me about music is the liberty to express feelings that can’t be told in words; in musical tunes, it is magical and life-changing. It’s like creating moments and memories that you can never forget in a lifetime”.

As a music director, Paul Strings is a multi instrumentalist whose musicality stems from early influences.

In his words, Paul Strings says, “it has always been about great music, l listened to a lot of great music growing up and it has shaped my music preference and personality”.
Paul strings is set to show the world his musicality and we are waiting to see how the journey evolves.

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