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Ghana: Tito Lanna Talks Rap and Revolution Of Afro Pop Music.

Matthias Anum Otoo(born August 19, 1997), known professionally as Tito, is a Ghanaian Rapper and songwriter raised in Sampa Valley. He is ready to release his new religion album in December 2018.

In a recent interview with Gillyweb, he was asked about his view on the revolution of Ghana music and this what he said below.

"Ghanaian music over the years has been sensational. Growing up my favorite musicians were Samini (Batman) and Terry Bonchuka . However, being exposed to works of rappers like M.I and Sarkodie at a tender age begot my love for rap music. And I think am not the only one. Even though rap music is not classified as “Mainstream” music and is not loved by all, there are more Rappers than there are highlife Or Hiplife artist singing the same song. However, over the years the Ghanaian music has evolved into something more of an Afro-Pop sound. So on the question on how I see the future of Ghana Music knowing how much our music has changed in a short period of time, I would say I look forward to generating a new kind of sound with a different view of addressing issues, in a more poetic way."

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