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How do you convince upcoming generation that education is the key to success? When they are surrounded by poor graduates and rich criminals

Ours is a country that has non regard for hard work and integrity. The corrupt has more followership than the one that fights against the corrupt. But G*d will disgrace the corrupt political elite amongst us

What John Zibiri said about Nigeria

I worked and lived in Abuja for 18 years. I ran my own private company from 2001 until 2014.

Two million of the likes of Buhari cannot change Nigeria.

🕹Everything is wrong with Nigeria.

📍The Director won't give you contract except you pay up front .

📍The banks won't give you loan except you concede a certain percentage.

🚩The man supervising the contract won't pass the job except you play ball.
🚩The clerk won't pass your file for payment except you rob his palm.
🚩The accounts department won't raise your payment  voucher or cheque unless you see them. I can go on  and on.

📍The worst thing is that it has become a norm that nobody sees anything wrong with.
🚩 If you think otherwise, they begin to think you are sick and not normal.
📍If you try to stand in their way, you put your life at risk.

🚩If you get killed there is no justice system in place to seek redress and bring the perpetrators to book.

📍The police is corrupt , the Judiciary is the same.
🚩Even the religious circle is not spared.

📍Everything in Nigeria revolves around corruption.
🚩Nobody cares about anybody. No law and order.
🚩 I looked from my left to right, everybody is only desperate about one thing "money".
📍They will kill anybody and anything that stand between them and money.
🚩I am an electrical engineer with MNSE and COREN. The system don't care about my qualifications.

🚩Distribution and transmission jobs are given to alhajis, pastors, friends and relatives without any basic skills.
🚩I started asking myself, how do I convince my kids that education and hard work is rewarding?
🙈When fools, agberos and touts are running the country from the local govt to the Presidency.

🚩Is this what my four sons will also go through? In 2014 I decided I have had enough. I decided I was leaving. I migrated to Australia with my family.
🚩Don't put yourself in harm way for any reason.
🚩The problem of Nigeria is in the hands of Nigerians living in Nigeria.

🙉Try starting a gate house in your village, everybody wants to profiteer from it. The bricklayer, the carpenter, the mason and even your brother who claim to be supervising on your behalf.
🚩They are corrupt, morally bankrupt and selfish.
🚩 Everybody there thinks about himself and nobody is thinking about Nigeria .

📍You don't have to be the one to go there to change anything.
🚩Let those under the hammer start the revolution. I beg make you hear word.
🙊This post is gonna anger a lot of my followers. I'm still gonna post it anyway.

A Nigerian

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