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The "Igbo Think Tank Movement Worldwide" have condemned the stifling and siege against the vice Presidential Candidate of the People's Democratic Party, Peter Obi, that of his wife, and other businesses in Nigeria.

In a publication signed by Chairman, Lady Olive Onwali, the group says it is "not only unacceptable but an act of business terrorism against an innocent man, whose only offence is that he is the Vice Presidential Candidate of the main opposition Party, PDP."

They say "Governor Peter Obi left office as the Governor of Anambra State since 2014, clear five years away. No agency have ever probed him, nor indicted him. In fact Peter Obi was celebrated as the most efficient Nigeria Governor when he left office. He conducted one of the most efficient and transparent government ever in the history of Nigeria."

"He left a whooping #75 Billion in cash and Bonds as savings for Anambra State when he left office. He owed no salary or contractor, and really  transformed Anambra State through a well thought developmental program tagged "ANIDS"'.

His excellent performance led to him being appointed the Honorary Special Adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan on Finance.

"It therefore surprises us that the present regime instead of celebrating an achiever has launched a terrorist act on an innocent man."

The group goes further to sham President Buhari, saying instead of signing the Amended Electoral Laws which will guarantee free and fair election he is creating an atmosphere of fear amongst candidates.

"The coming 2019 General Election is currently under threat even as President Buhari has refused to accent to the Amended Electoral Laws which will guarantee free, credible and fair elections. All these becomes suspicious and creates an atmosphere of fear in the heart of Nigerians that APC and President Buhari is up to something sinister."

Moreso, Ben Murray-Bruce have taken to twitter expressing his disgust. Saying Peter Obi should have been honoured by the nation.

"For the good and prudent governance he he oversaw in Anambra, I‘d have expected @PeterObi to have been given a nation honour. People like Peter should be celebrated. What kind of country punishes Peter and celebrates a notorious bribe taker filmed stuffing dollars in his clothes?"

Supporting is Senator Shehu Sani who says, "In times like this, it’s impossible to divorce the freezing of the account of Peter Obi from partisanship. This act is inimical to the image of the Government and that of the country. The ruling establishment should demonstrate that they can win without persecuting the opposition."

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