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Ladies, here are five important things you need do when that period cram come. As written by Temi Badmus.

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"For girls like me, period cramps is like a hell", she said.

My boyfriend goes through a lot of trouble trying to fix me during this period of cramps, I remember there were times I really wish I could remove my womb then place it back whenever I'm ready to give birth. 

But you need no worry, there are interesting things that will help you treat period cramps whenever they occur.

I will be discussing five things you need to do during period cramps.

1. Have sex
Well,  this point in particular is for married women,  I'm not in support of pre-marital sex and I do not advise any one to do it, I will be leaving some other point for non married ladies too in the later part of this article.

I know someone just said it gross to have sex during your period, yes it is, you can be covered in an entire moment of blood which of course doesn't make sex fun and if you are someone like me, who can't stand sticky fluid you might just wanna run away but there is something interesting about having sex during your period.
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If you suffer major cramps, then an orgasm will help you fix the bud, during active sex or orgasm, the body releases an hormone called oxytocin and dopamine along side with endorphins which can ease period pains. The hormones are more active and faster in curing than any pain reliever you could imagine of. Also with every orgasm you have, your uterus contracts so having sex can reduce the number of days you observe your period

2. Exercise 
I have heard people say "I can't exercise during my period because my flow rate will increase ". Well no research has shown that doing exercise during your period increases blood flow, blood  flow during period is caused by contraction of the uterus... Got that?  Good!
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During exercise, your body releases endorphins which react with receptors in your brain thereby leading to good feeling like the effect of morphins.

How many of you knows that period cramps actually causes depression? This is the best way to cure the depression instead of sitting down all day long.

Exercise will also reduce menstrual cramps by increasing blood circulation, but you need to be careful not to go for stress exercises since stress increases period cramps. Exercise also regulate blood flow. You can exercises like Yoga or Karate (Kihons or Kata but not Kumite) and any light one.

3. Fruits to Eat (Eat Fruits)
During the period of period cramps, there are certain fruits you might really need to take to help you feel at easy, I know period cramps can be hell,  well science has not being able to explain while some women have pains and the others don't. While having your period, you might want to avoid seasoning your food with salt.

Take more of lemon and ginger with warm water.

4. Massaging the palm  of your feet. 
Massaging the palm of your feet ensure the closing and lining of the wall of the uterus which of course reduces contraction, and once uterus contraction reduces, that means blood can easily flow and off you go with period cramps.
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5. Stay away from Caffeine and strong fragrance. 
Caffeinated beverages (yes, including coffee) can contribute to increased breast tenderness during your period, says Molinaro. Additionally, studies show that caffeine blocks GABA in the brain (the "downer" neurotransmitter), which results in anxiety and increased heart rate, escalating symptoms of PMS. Instead, try decaffeinated green tea, which can help soothe cramps.

Also a lot of people are not aware that strong fragrance often upset the body system during period cycle, at this period, your body is at a fragile stage and any slight change will make your system react negatively... So stay away from strong fragrance.

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Temi Badmus
Food Scientist at University of Ilorin
Health and Relationship Blogger

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