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Years have gone past itself since we were giving birth to, we had always wished to achieve one thing or the other any point in time. Some of these things may include goals like coming first in class, reading books to increase knowledge and thinking capacity and some other things. We’ve always wondered why some goals are achieved, why some are unachieved and why some are partially archived.

Goal setting techniques is one thing everybody should know; every individual needs to know how goals are being set, the differences between long term and short term goals and how to measure goals performances and growth.

As we look forward to 2019 I want to share some interesting tips on having a better and successful 2019. It's often said that ”Setting goals is the first step in turning the unachievable to the achievable” also Goals give directions of life.

Having a successful and fulfilled 2019 lies on how great our goals are and the steps we want to take in achieving.

They are five principles of goal setting; these principles can be shortened into the SMART acronym. The Principles are *SPECIFIC,MEASURABLE,ACHIEVABLE,REALISTIC and TIME BOUND*.

Goals should always be specific; you must always have a particular thing you want to achieve, the reason why you’re setting the goal and what the goal is meant to achieve.

Goals we set should have gauges to be measured in. The gauges ensures the checkmate of goals, periodically we will measure the goals with those gauges. Having specific gauges to measure goals for checkmate helps to keep the goals on track for success.

Goals are always expected to have a higher probability of being achieved, this served as motivation some times. Realism is also a principle to always look up to when setting goals, a goal setter must be realistic. Sometimes the success of goals determines on how realistic they are at point of setting them.  Sometimes we intend to achieve complex goals but we must take our time in setting out steps to achieve them because that’s is very sacrosanct.

Lastly goals should always be time bound; goals should always have time limits for its execution. Having specific time limit for executing goals motivates the goals setter to do more in achieving the goal.

Applying the aforementioned principles on goal setting will help in having success goals which would enable a smooth run of the year ahead of us.

Some factors largely affect the success of our goals; those factors can make or mar the goal achievability.

Our immediate environment is the first factor in setting goals. The environment one lives largely affect goals we set, an example is a student who has a goal of becoming the best in his class in a forthcoming examination and he lives beside a night club that plays music all night. In this case the environment he lives will largely affect his goal and he may not achieve the goal if not properly planned.
Your outlook upon life, your estimate of yourself, your estimate of your value is largely colored by your environment. Your whole career will be modified, shaped and molded by your surrounding,by the character of people with whom you come in contact with everyday.

The first step towards success is taken when you refuse yourself to be a captive of the environment which you find yourself.

Peer group is another factor that affects our goals in life, the kind of friend we keep, largely affects our lives positively or negatively, directly and indirectly. Bad friends with bad vibes will always ruin your potentials while good peer groups with good intentions will engender sets of new potentials in you.

Another factor that largely affects our goals being achieved is our mindset. As a popular quotes goes thus; mind is everything. We should always have a positive mindset in setting goals because this will largely affect the success. Sometimes we set high goals with good spirit but along the line we tend to loose motivation. Your ability to always keep yourself motivated when executing goals all depends on your mindset.
Everything is possible if you have the positive mindset, Will and Desperation to do it.

They are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge.
 Both poverty and riches are offspring of the mind 
Napoleon Hill

As The New Year Stand Before Us, I Hope We Apply These Tips And Be Ready To Write New Chapters Of Our Lives By Setting Great Goals.

Aroyewun Abimbola Tirmidhi
Department of Political Science
Lagos State University.

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