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Nigeria: List of shocking events that happened - rounding-up with 2018

Just as a reminder before the coming election, here are somethings you should remember that happened with this present government, as they round up four years in power.

1. Snake swallowed N36 million in Jamb office.

2. Monkey stole N70million in WAEC coffers.

3. Rats chased president out of office in Aso Rock Villa.

4. 10million jobs lost within 3years

5. $25billion misappropriated at NNPC due to inflated contract

6. $43m at Ikoyi house scandal still a mystery

7. CBN confirms that Buhari's Government withdrew $3.2billion from NLNG Dividend Account in 3 years 

8. Cows became more valuable than human life. 

9. Technically defeated Boko Haram overran our ill- equipped military that allegedly receives billions of naira on security votes. 

10. Corruption now wears dollar babariga and invincible to EFCC.

11. Money keep disappearing from NHIS, NBC, NPA, to NEMA, NNPC, even the saintest osibade got involved in N5.8b scandal.

12. Approximately 13 million children dropped out of school in 2018 alone

13. Nigeria became the poverty capital of the world

14. Debt profile increased  from N9trn to N23trn in 3yrs

15. NYSC certificate now turned to toilet paper, wasted effort.

16. The U.S President called the Nigerian president lifeless.

17. Pump price of petrol increased from N86 - N145, yet workers monthly salary remain constant since 2015 while prices of every commodity, services,transport etc  increased

More and more.

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