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On Osinbajo
1) Osinbajo is an asset to our economy. He talks his economic theories with practical example using Nigeria figures.
2) I am very optimistic that the second half of Buhari's rule will address the conundrum of unemployment and poverty.
3) After watching him speak today via a debate, i am so happy because i see a system where due process and rule of law is finally winning the lawlessness of the economic cabal.

1)Today debate has finally exposed how he has been so overrated. Every well meaning Nigeria with a little knowledge of economics will quickly know he has nothing to offer. He only makes assumptions and theories based on emotions and not on present economic realities.
2) Earlier before the debate, Peter Obi said fighting corruption will not help the economy but let us ask this simple question. How many countries which are seen to have a buoyant economy have high rate of corruption?

In fact the China which Peter Obi uses as an economic template sentences corrupt leaders to death by hanging.

It is clear they ( PDP ) think Nigerians are fools and they can easily choke out lies and super inflated figures to woo voters but we shall resist them and their can of numerous lies in 2019.

The combo of Buhari and Osinbajo is a combination made in heaven. Toy with it and toy with G*d

A Nigerian.

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