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Peter Obi's Frozen AccounT: Lauretta Onochie names PDP "Deceit Plc " and more

Following the freezing of Peter Obi's account by 'unknown powers", Media aid to the President, Lauretta Onochie has named the People's Democratic Party "Deceit Plc."

Mrs. Lauretta thinks Peter Obi and PDP as a whole may be taking Atiku for a ride with reason that Obi is Atiku's money bag.

Her points:

- PDP has accused President Muhammadu Buhari of freezing Peter Obi's account. JOKERS!.
Nigerians know that the role of the President of Nigeria does not include freezing of citizens' accounts.

- Since EFCC and ICPC, two of Nigeria's Anti graft agencies have denied freezing the accounts of Peter Obi and members of his family,  it must be President Buhari who froze the Obi accounts! Yeah right!

She continues like its tales by moonlight,

"Let's try this:

- Atiku needed a rich Running Mate. And I mean, stupendously rich.

- Peter Obi packaged and presented himself as wealthier than Sen. Ike Ekweremadu, Dr. Soludo, etc.

- Peter Obi, after seeing 3 failed PDP Presidential Zonal Rallies in Sokoto, Ilorin and Ibadan, is now developing cold feet.

- The over N12b advanced Atiku by a major Nigerian Banker,  went to Vultures in PDP who have done him a Jonathan by pocketing the funds.

- Atiku turns to his wealthy Partner, Peter Obi. He asked him to "shake body" but Peter Obi "no dey drop".

- Peter Obi and his ally, Uche Secondus hatched a plan to cry wolf where there's none. Notice thst no Agency was mentioned in their wolf cry, so Buhari was a convenient name to drop.

- So Uche Secondus announced to the nation that the Bank accounts of Gregory Peter Obi and his family, have been sealed by Pres. Muhammadu Buhari.

- "Good job my boy. We can't let Peter put his money in a hole"  said Gov. Nyesom Wike to Secondus.

- My grandmother taught me that hose who do not learn from other people's experiences, are unwise.

- Atiku is unwise. He did not learn from the Goodluck Jonathan experience of 2015.

- Peter Obi is wise. He won't put his money in a bottomless pit. So he gets the PDP Lying machinery to support his wisdom."

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