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Atiku has engaged the man who allegedly manipulated the United States presidential election results in favour of Donald Trump. He has paid the man $1m to help him rig Nigeria's presidential election in his favour.

But when they were strategizing in Dubai, it was observed that such rigging cannot happen in Nigeria if electronic transmission of results is not deployed.

The Senate President, Bukola Saraki, who is Atiku's Campaign DG smartly manipulated the electoral act bill,  removed the clause that says votes should be counted. It contains only the one that says results should be announced. He also made it mandatory that results should be transmitted electronically in a country where almost half of its territory has no communication network. How can you announce a result that was not counted? So their rigging expert can manipulate the figures online. If he could do it in United States, is it in Nigeria that he cannot do it? This is the secret behind their jactitations that they will defeat President Muhammadu Buhari.

And one Oby Ezekwesili, one of Obasanjo's stooges, called a Press Conference to persuade President Buhari to give assent to such rubbish. Presidential candidate my ass!

The obvious is that President Buhari will never sign that document. We will use the electoral act put together by a PDP-dominated National Assembly, and assented to by a PDP president of Nigeria. Any other position on this matter is absolute bunkum!

Saraki and Dogara can do whatever they like. Let them override the president and assent to the electoral bill. Let us see who would implement it.

This was what they went to Dubai to plan. But if you hold your own in your palm, do you know what I have in my pocket?

President Buhari and APC are always two steps ahead of them. Let the heaven fall. That manipulation cannot stand. It will not come to pass.

I rest my case!

 Adolf Ransom Pepple

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