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Rapmania Tha X To Hype REVEALED: THE CONCERT (First Krump Concert In Nigeria) | @rapmaniax @tilllyod

Revealed: The Concert’ a Krump event  is set to  host its maiden edition on the 14th of December, 2018 at the Theatre hall, Department of Creative Arts, University of Lagos.

Red carpet starts at 2pm while the main event kicks off at 4pm.

This concert will feature performances from various groups, crews in the Hip Hop community and Families in the KRUMP Movement.

The hype man, is no other than Nigeria’s number one Hip hop original hype man, Rapmania Tha X.

This concert is the biggest and the first ever ‘Krump’ event termed as a “Concert” in Nigeria. The University of Lagos houses the first edition of this event, and it is planned to be a yearly affair in projection of the future of the ‘Krump’ Movement in Nigeria; as it is discovered that it is a fast growing culture in Lagos and in Nigeria at large.

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