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SoulTalks with Aunty Yinmu takes Walk Against Rape and Domestic Violence to Ikeja

Walk Against Rape and Domestic Violence led by Fasasi Olayinka in on 15th December, 2018

The 2018 Walk Against Rape and Domestic Violence led by Fasasi Olayinka, leader and founder, SoulTalks with Aunty Yinmu, on Saturday, 15th December, came to an end with head to head questions and answers between men at Ikeja axis and the group.

The walk started from Ikeja Computer village down to the governors angle of Ikeja Alausa.

It must be noted that nothing embarrasses men like the walk against rape and domestic violence since it 99 per cent of the time points directly at men and on this note you hardly find men associating with it, on this same note, the group got a friendly back clash as the return the favour on a head to head argument and sensitization of men at the Ikeja axis.

 On the case of rape, the men's first arguement is agains the women's mode of dressing which usually give them 'autorise'. The men went further to express their disgust on the women dressing almost naked coming to local market. 

"This place is not Lekki, or Shoprite and so on where they allow you to dress like oyinbo people, this place nah naija, our men no no how to handle am," says on man.

Another said, "make dem dey dress like una, make dem no dey dress in a way say as we see them our thing go shout upnepa"

But the SoulTalks with Aunty Yinmu team immediately countered these statements with a placard captioned "Its not about what I wear, teach your son not to rape. This didn't really end well but there is hope for better understanding from both parties.

The walk moved from from Ikeja Computer Village, stopping at major spots like the Computer Village, Allen Roundabout, New Alade Market and ended silently at Ikeja Alausa.

The SoulTalks with Aunty Yinmu is a group aimed at sensitizing Nigerians on major topics concerning women and child.

This is the first time Miss Olayink will take it to the street. It was supported by De-Gbetu International Limited. 

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