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Vice Presidential Debate - How They Fared and Ranking #2019Debate

1) PDP: 95/100 - Peter Obi is very sound and grounded in economic issues. He stole the show and attracted all the cheers from the audience. If all Nigerians watched the debate, PDP should be cruising now.

2) YPP: 65/100 - Moghalu chose an intelligent woman in Umma Getso. She is sound and knowledgeable as well as fed up with the poor governance served Nigerians by the incumbent.

3) APC: 35/100 - Osibanjo, Mr 16 years spent more than half of his time on the mic doing what they know how to do best, blaming the 16 years of PDP rather than telling us what they have achieved and aim to achieve if reelected.

4) ACPN: 20/100 - Mr Galadimma seemed clueless and second worst debater for the night. Oby Ezeks made a poor choice there.

5) ANN: 15/100 - The woman who didn't announce herself well with good presentations made a mess of her time on stage. Her perception of foreign underlines her lack of knowledge of governmental affairs.

ACPN - 33
ANN - 28
APC - 66
PDP - 55
YPP - 43

ACPN - Candidate has some ideas but has got a lot of work to do; spoke more in uncertain terms

ANN - Candidate lacks ideas; lacks presentation skills

APC - Candidates has more clarity of ideas (because he's incumbent); definitely has fantastic pitching/presentation skills

PDP - Candidates is well furnished with stats and figures, definitely has fantastic presentation skills.

YPP - Candidate is well informed with party's manifesto, bold enough to present with clarity.

Thoughts: For most people, the comparison was between APC and PDP; it is only natural that Osinbajo will outwit every other candidate, and the simple reason is that he is currently more informed by incumbency and also a brilliant man.

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