2019 is not 2015: VAIDS and whistle blowing policy – Nigeria

2019 is not 2015: VAIDS and whistle blowing policy - Nigeria
VAIDS – 2019 is not 2015: Dynamics and strategy have changed because a new Sheriff is in town!!!
If you think money will flow in 2019 election as it did in 2014, better go and find something else to do. Hunger go wound you oooo!!!!
This is 7 months to general election but no sign  in terms of liquidity. By this time in 2014, over 5000 support groups have endorsed Jonathan and milking him dry. The fact is that those who bankrolled 2015 election both in PDP and APC are yet to recover their expenses.

Mr President doesn’t believe in fictitious contract for compensation. Only contractors can tell you the level of integrity of Mr president.  President Buhari does not even know  how much some people committed to his election project because many were not captured in any record and he can even hand you over to ICPC because he doesn’t believe in money politics.
We saw members of TAN openly wept after losing the election because they knew what they wasted.
Few political contractors who have cash after the election hurriedly went back to site out of fear of PMB to avert EFCC prosecution thereby losing their vault.


Many people will not understand the level of blocked leakage by Honourable minister of Finance  until you are a confidant of most people in government. Apart from ranking senators and reps,  new members are struggling to recover campaign expenses Wallahi. A member told me this directly. Many appointees are struggling to settle down because their only earnings is their basic.  No behind the scenes deal. Appointees in the past will be buying properties in Maitama but nowadays,  appointees are living in Kubwa!!!
Money only flows when contractors invest but no contractor can risk his money in 2019 because they already know that PMB will return and they will lose their investment.

Many state governments are struggling.


Most of the big spenders are afraid of VAIDS and whistle blowing policy. Atiku is just breaking even and oil licence holders are living in uncert.
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