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America: A good number of CEOs left their job in 2018, new report states

A good number of CEOs left their job towards the ending of  2018 due to financial crises, new report states on Wednesday, 9th January, 2019.

This is according to a job placement firm in America - Challenger, Gray & Christmas.

This according to them is the highest in annual total since 2008 when the financial crisis hit.

"In the final three months of 2018, American companies changed 425 CEOs, according to the report.

 That's almost 45% higher than the 294 US CEOs who left in the final quarter of 2017. It's the highest quarterly total since the firm started keeping tabs in 2002.

More than 1,450 US CEOs left their jobs last year, the report said — marking a 25% jump compared to 2017."

High profile persons affected in America are John Flannery, the former CEO of General Electric (GE), and Margo Georgiadis, who left toymaker Mattel (MAT) in April 2018.

Others left due to sexual misconducts and allegations.

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