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Anambra North: Comr. Chuks Defects to APC

With constant complaint of former party, journalist and political analyst, Comr Uloka Chuks defects from APGA to PDP.

Comr. Chuks complaint was well noticed late November 2018 when he started publishing highly dissapointing articles against the party which finally led to his refusal to attend the party meetings and dropping his card.

He was seen flashing some APC campaign posters, including the "four more years" but on Saturday, 19th January, 2019 he took a bolder step by announcing his defection to the All Progressive Congress, via a video on Facebook.

"It's time to move forward - The marriage with APGA failed, I'm going back to my root, I'm returning home like a prodigal son!

No regrets, No apologies - It feels so great to be back home

Let's bring back Buhari come Febuhari 16 for Nigeria to move to the #NextLevel," he says.

Most members of APGA and Igbo land in general have called him a political harlot and many other things.

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