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I say this but I mean that, it's deliberate that I ought to sound intelligent, my life hasn't been perfect, it has it ups and downs, the road muddy.

I dig the soles of my feet into it, to get a good grip, should I fall or should I break? At least, I'll keep my hands steady on the ground to stop my whole body from getting stained.

You think life ought to be served on a platter of gold, rather it's served on a Stainless Steel, the sound it makes when it comes in contact with the floor, chatters the stillness of a quiet room. I wanted this but I got that, the life of the rich I dream of without a thought of their struggles to attain that position.

A reflection of a life I would love to live, that, I see in the lives of certain individuals who with their designer clothes and apparels makes me shudder, the thought that I'm ginzed with failure, flamboyantly they live their lives, without a doubt that all the wealth and richness can varnish in thin air.

"All of a sudden", the sentence that describes the downfall of a man, from grace to grass, with all aspirations of life, one could end up with naught, you could plan your life so carefully like one undertaking a surgery and at the end of the day you come out fatal. Life is fair with opportunities, then it sits back to watch you make a fool of yourself with contemplation.

Make a fool of yourself while you reject the opportunity, which could resurface in many years to come, we wish we could see our future and save ourselves the hurt of failure, but when we think too much of life, we get the opposite of our wish, like two sides of a coin, it could be flipped both ways.

One could be in our favour, the other could come to shake us either as an hurricane or a storm.

Friends we surround ourselves with, could make us or break us, some stay and last for a long time, while some stays while your grass is green, when it gets withered, they hop to a fertile land, leaving you wondering what you did wrong. Different acts for different scenes and some of these friends cuddled you while you were freezing, then they let go of your hands so abruptly when you recover and the emotions in you feel betrayed, but not anger because they have loved you when they could.

Family could shelter you and still leave you out in the rain, different families with their own way of showing affection or rejection or despise, we live in an imperfect world, a world where perfection shouldn't be seen as a goal in life, when someone you look up to does the opposite and you sink in despair, because you have been gullible to walk in the shadow of your idol rather than live your life the way you deemed fit.

A sad face could be happy within, a happy face could be facing trials that are unseen to the society eyes, where they have stipulated the criteria of been successful, when we share thoughts that ought to be confidential to who we think would treasure it in their heart chest, they turn around to spite you with you when you are not on a good vibe with them.

There has to be another version of events, either its negative or positive, we have obviously come to a conclusion that everything doesn't look as it seems, prepared to accept the bad from the good and the good from the bad.

CHIAMAKA NTA - is a passionate writer and graduate of Mass Commmusncation, Yaba Colllege of Technology

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