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ADVICE FOR WIFES - The Islamic Way

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When you become a wife, once in a while, look at your husband's face when he is asleep. That is the person who has no blood relationship with you but keeps trying to love you.

Once in a while when your husband comes home from work or from his place of business, look at his face, kiss his hand.

That is the hand that is working hard to find sustenance to provide you and your children.

In fact, before the marriage contract he had no debt of gratitude to you.

In fact, he has a debt of gratitude to his father and his mother.

He chose you before he could repay all his parents' debt of gratitude.

Once in a while when you are alone with him, look at your husband, look at his face with affection and full of respect. It's the face that's struggling out there, it's the face that's burning in the hot sun, it's the face that holds back the heat of the sun and sometimes ignores himself,  ignores his own safety, only because of you and your children.

Their sacrifice, the sacrifice of a hard worker very noble

Islam highly respects people who have a high work ethic. People who work can be said to be jihad fi sabilillah, 

As the Prophet said:
"Who works hard to make a living for his family, then he is a mujahid fi sabilillah." (Narrated by Ahmad).
The Messenger of Allah. also said:
"Whoever in the afternoon feels exhausted because of the work of his hands, then in the afternoon he gets forgiveness." (HR. ath-Thabarani and al-Baihaqi).

I salute and look respectfully at people whose hands are black and rough because they seek sustenance in the way of Allah.

And I salute and look respectfully for all the struggle of a man who seeks sustenance in the way of Allah, seeking halal sustenance for his family.

Don't give up brothers, fathers, all men with father's titles out there.

May Allah protect you and give everything you want for your family (Ameen).

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