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Buy Affordable "Bags, Footwears and more" at Shekinah Plaza, Ikeja

Buy affordable Bags, Footwears, beads, rings, ear rings, bangles, shoes and more at Shekinah Plaza, Ikeja.

Is a life saver for so many brides that wants to spend less and still look exclusive. -Yewande Ogunsaga

Speaking with the CEO, Mojisola Ijaola Helen, during the official launch and Valentine Sales Party, on Sunday, 10th February, she said the brand will be four years by October.

She said though the are big dealers in Turkey fashion products but they are open to made in Nigeria fashion producers as well.

The brand led by Helen Mo Fashion has been noted and rated high for its affordability irrespective of class and delivery of same standard quality with international products.

We do office, casual, party clutches bags and so on

"We are affordable and we want to remain affordable," Helen said.
This was highly buttressed by Yewande Ogunsaga, a friend of the house and CEO, Selling Fashions.

She says, Helen Mo Fashion "Is a life saver for so many. A life saver for so many brides that wants to spend less and still look exclusive."
Also on why the Zirconia experts have decided to bring their warehouse to busy Ikeja, Helen says, "Ikeja is the city center and its accessible for people on the mainland and island."

Customer Experience:

Sheila, says, "The customer experience was nice, at least things were in place and the guys were ready to take me around. I was looking for a hems bag, like the plain one without the crocodile skin but I didn't get it but I had to settle for this.

The management have promised to not just be affordable but also be in vogue

Bags, Footwears and more have much more to offer but you won't know if you are not there.

Speaking from the front desk, "We deal with bags, footwears, sneakers, sun shades, everything related to fashion", says Olumide Bello, the General Manager.

On why so tush and affordable? Olumide said "Because with us, we can actually make you understand the fact that quality is affordable, you as an average person can afford to go home with something and you get quality irrespective." "Its a one stop shop for everybody."

Are you on your way? and ow! They got jewelries ... lots of jewelries....

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