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Sister I will Marry You is not marriage, Give me your Mummy's Number is not marriage. I just spoke with Every1 in your family even your ancestor is not marriage. I sent some stuff to your Parents is still not marriage. Haven't you seen my people? Is still not marriage.

My mum is fond of you, is not marriage. I love the way you cook, you will make a good wife, is still not marriage.

My parent and siblings can't stop talking about you, my dear that is still not marriage. I have engaged you, so you have nothing to worry about, that is not marriage.

Untill he come and pay your bride price, perfect the wedding plans and take you home, that is when you are assured to be his wife.

Till then, you leave your heart opened, be wise in all you do and remember not to engrossed in wifey acts for who is not worth it.

Don't place your mind on anybody who is not yet married to you and stop bragging that he's yours yet.

Sister you are the daughter of a respected man and a future wife to another. Don't let young boys fool you into their temporary lust. You know your worth. 

You count 💜💜

Ijeoma Omeje

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