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"The problem with Atikufulaning and Obituaring followers is that they are undemocratic fools..."

The problem with Atikufulaning and Obituaring followers is that they are undemocratic fools that don't believe in equal rights hence the reason why they are trampling on other people democratic right.

 It is on record that APGA produced their Presidential candidate in the person of Gen John Gbor before Obi's emergence as VP but as mischievous set of people they have been labouring in vain to stand truth on its head by claiming that APGA produced a Presidential candidate for the purpose of whittling down Mr Peter Obi political influence. What a cock and bull story concocted by haters of equal right.

This claim is a lie from the pit of hell being peddled by agents of darkness. Another major reason why APGA produced their Presidential candidate is to avoid election bandwagon effects on APGA candidates.

 I can never forget in a hurry Mr Peter Obi position when he was asked why he is fighting to stop Governor Obiano well deserved re-election for a 2nd term.
He said by that time that he is a leader of PDP and that as the leader of PDP in Anambra that he is duty bound to deliver his party candidate in that election.

At the end of the day, the choice of God prevailed and that was how Governor Obiano won a landslide 21 over 21 victory in that 2017 governorship election.

 In the case of Governor Obiano campaigning for APGA candidates, he is not just an ordinary leader of APGA but the national leader of APGA by virtue of his position as the BOT Chairman of APGA. Just as Mr Peter Obi said in defence of his actions against Governor Obiano in that 2017 governorship election, Governor Obiano is also duty bound to deliver APGA candidates especially in Anambra State in the 2019 general election.

Whether the Atikufulaning and Obituaring followers like it or not, Governor Obiano is the Landlord of Anambra State as at today and he is at liberty to give PDP and APC quit notice in Anambra State. That quit notice has been issued to them and they will be ejected politically in Anambra State on the 2019 general election day.

No amount of twisted facts and politically motivated blackmail hauled at Governor Obiano that will make him betray APGA candidates because a father does not betray his children.

APGA candidates are Governor Obiano children hence the reason why he is fighting tooth and nail to ensure their victory in the forthcoming general election.

Defeat is staring PDP and APC candidates in the face and they foolishly thought that blackmailing Governor Obiano will save them from disgraceful defeat.

 The good people of Anambra State cannot be deceived especially on any issue Governor Obiano has special interest on.

Governor Obiano is truly inerested in all APGA candidates emerging victorious in the general election.

He is not ready to joke with this election and those calling him names for fighting and defending his party candidates interest are wasting their time because the evil plan of teleguiding Anambra electorates voting mindset will not yield any fruitful result.

 APGA candidates are truly poised to coast home to victory in this election and Governor Obiano unflinching support is a morale booster for them.

 Atikufulaning and Obituaring followers are free to go and jump into Agulu lake for fishes and crocodiles to feed on their bodies because the patriotic task of delivering APGA candidates from Presidential to Governor to Senate to House of Reps and House of Assembly.

 The evil plan of using politically motivated blackmail to coerce Governor Obiano into betraying APGA candidates is dead on arrival meaning that APGA candidates victory is assured.

 Vote APGA candidates  from Presidential to Governor to Senate to House of Reps and House of Assembly for the betterment of our beloved nation.

I remain your truth advocate,

Evang Chinedu Obigwe  (Akaekpuchionwa)
National Co-ordinator of APGA Media Warriors Forum.

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