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All sights are set towards 2019, elective positions are up for grab. It is pertinent we note that the choice at the fourth coming elections will MAKE OR MARE our Emancipation and Development.

Nothing builds or develop the people more than good and astute leadership. A leader that tends to listen, examine and sample ideas, get the people involve, promote and champions good governance.

The distance between our polity and that of the developed world is nothing but our choice of leaders, and what we want them to do for us.

In our political society, we have reduced leadership to a monetary risk. The highest bidder takes it home and relegate us to hazardous environment. None thinks on how best to liberate and lift the people.

Poverty and insecurity is too important an issue to neglect in a growing society. If our leaders can't boost of how people they have successfully lifted out of poverty and timidity, through Education and Empowerment. If they can't point out the measures taken or yet to take for security of lives and properties then they are nothing but enemy to development. (Charlatans)

Enough of the empty promises and use & dump syndrome piloting the affairs of our polity.

Dear Youths, It's our generation and we must make it count and work for our wellbeing as young people. We must resist old wine in New wine Jar.

We must not ride and live in blame, WE must not wield our weapon in revenge, rather let's stretch our tentacles towards building and developing our land.

Previous leaders failed, "YES" but calling them out that they failed and spends years gallivanting through the blame pathway will take us behind and possibly down Tsunami, let's think and embrace a leader/ representative (s) who will overlook less or unimpressed efforts of their predecessors and thinks how best to lift us out of tragedy.

The history of Nigeria wouldn't have been fair enough or enticing to look back at, if not for the young strength and inputs of Dim Ojukwu, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Kaduna Nzeogwu, Gowon, Chris Okigbo and numerous others.

In Hon. Rapjoe Chibuzor Unachukwu we will be favored and history kind to us..

He tends to invest massively in human per capital development and infrastructures. Legislation isn't limited to just making laws but adding values to the lives of constituents. If they all die of hunger and insecurity who then will the law benefit?

Comr Uloka Chuks
Media Strategist /PR

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