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I read this piece written by one hungry aide to Prince Chinedu Emeka, the candidate of APGA in Anambra north senatorial election slated for February 16.

Ordinarily, this trash does not demand a reply but I chose to put the record straight especially as he tried to defame the church and drag the name of the revered men of God into the dirty politics which Prince Chinedu Emeka has been known for - from the days of Dr Chinwoke Mbadinuju where he served as his deputy governor.

The hungry aide, one Chief Chukwuma Udeze who wrote the article published on Ujuedochie blog deserves pity. If a 'chief' as he claims could stoop so low to attack Senator Oduah who has been adjudged as one of the best senators in Igboland just to praise a man who served as deputy to ex gov Mbadinuju - a government adjudged as the worst in southeast since 1999, such a 'chief' is a disgrace to the throne that conferred on him the chieftaincy title.

Chief Chukwuma Udeze in his attempt to drag the name of the church on the mud wrote, ''Out of shear desperation, Stella Oduah is also lobbying the church in Anambra  state to support her infantile aspiration. Unfortunately for her, she would be utterly disappointed because some pious, influential and very powerful forces in both the Catholic and Anglican Churches are said to be vehemently opposed to Oduah's ambition...''

Prince Chinedu Emeka in his desperation has continued to drag the name of the church into the dirty politics he is known for. Few days ago, one of his media handlers, Kizzito Onunkwo accused the Basilica Holy Trinity Catholic church Onitsha of allowing Senator Oduah to place her campaign billboard close to the church. And in less than 72 hours, the same Prince Chinedu Emeka who accused the church of supporting Oduah made a quick turn to claim that 'some pious, influential and very powerful forces in both the Catholic and Anglican Churches are said to be vehemently opposed to Oduah's ambition...'

This is a mere imagination of a drowning man whose campaign has never been  on issues. He should leave the church in his desperation. Attacking the church with all manner of accusations should be condemned by all men of good will. Alleging that powerful forces in Anglican and Catholic churches are against the re-election of senator Oduah is an attempt to discredit the church.

Apart from attacks on the church, Prince Chinedu Emeka has continued his attacks on the women of Anambra north. In his many campaigns, he has openly expressed his disdain on women. He has questioned the rationale behind the support of women in politics. He believes that women should not be voted into any elective positions.

One of the disgusting campaign attacks against Oduah by Prince Chinedu Emeka was his confusion as to how a woman got elected into the Red Chambers to represent the good people of Anambra north in 2015. His parochial disposition that women belong to the 'other room' will be defeated again on February 16, National Assembly election.

Flowing from the article, Chief Chukwuma Udeze also alleged that 'Adaeze Oduah, is of late engaging in self serving philanthropy so as to get the sympathy of the electorate in Anambra North...' which he described as 'dead on arrival.' I have only this advise to Ndi Anambra north.

It is obvious that Prince Chinedu Emeka will not attract any form of empowerment to ameliorate the sufferings of the people if mistakenly elected. It is on record that during the period he served as a deputy governor, lawmaker, and commissioner, he used those opportunities to intimidate his own people. Being an archaic member of the old block of selfish politicians who corner public opportunities to themselves and their families, Prince Chinedu Emeka is uncomfortable that senator Stella Oduah is training and empowering the poor especially the youths and women -  the very people he destroyed their future between 1999-2003 when all schools in Anambra state were wickedly shut down for over a year.

He is disturbed that a woman is using the opportunity as a senator to train and retrain these people in various vocational and skill acquisitions including ICT.

It is sad that having served as deputy governor, lawmaker and commissioner, Prince Chinedu Emeka has no record of any empowerment programme nor a foundation to help the very poor people in Anambra north. Rather he helped the administration of Mbadinuju to impoverish the people. No wonder he is today angrily attacking the benevolence and philanthropic gestures of senator Oduah.

Another laughable issue raised by Prince Chinedu Emeka's media aide against Oduah was the issue of EFCC investigation. He alleged, ''Adaeze Oduah's lingering case with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC is a minus for her. This is because there are very strong indications that the anti graft agency would pursue her case with greater vigour this year. Some of the electorate believe that if elected, the incumbent Senator representing Anambra North District would constantly be distracted from her assignments in the National Assembly due to her nagging matters with the EFCC and Independent Corrupt Practices (and other related offences)Commission, ICPC.''

As laughable as the issue above sounds, it is on the public domain that the anti graft agency invited senator Oduah for questioning. Upon invitation, she made herself available and was allowed to go after due diligence. I am not aware that any court case was instituted in that regard.

But let me remind 'Chief Chukwuma Udeze that the tenure of his boss, Prince Chinedu Emeka as Commissioner for Public Utilities is facing a serious investigation by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. The EFCC is investigating the disappearance of one Nnamdi, a contractor with Parlork Nig Ltd who disappeared with 150 million naira contract fund for the construction of electricity power line to Anambra West LGA.

The payment was made on September 2014 when Prince Chinedu Emeka became the commissioner for public utilities. The contractor disappeared and the file for the award of the contract also disappeared.

Parlork Nig Ltd did not execute the contract till date which made ndi Anambra West to petition EFCC. Report has it that the agency has invited the current commissioner but he exonerated himself as he was not on seat then but acknowledged the fact that payments were made but contract not executed.

I am sure that Prince Chinedu Emeka has not told his aides especially those he usually sends to attack Oduah that under him, a contractor disappeared with contract sum and that EFCC is already on it. Chief Chikwuma Udeze can now figure out who the EFCC and other anti graft agencies would pursue with greater vigour if elected and constantly distract from carrying out his legislative duties.

The National Assembly election will hold in less than 25 days. I understand the panic on the side of both APGA and Prince Chinedu Emeka campaign organization. They are finding it difficult to convince voters to turn against Oduah. The voters have rejected them, and no amount of propaganda will change the embarrassing defeat that will be handed down to them on February 16.

Eneh Victor Chigozie.
AIF Media.

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