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1 Smoke during Pregnancy = Sudden Death for Your Baby, says new Analysis.

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A new analysis published on Monday, 11th March, by he Journal Pediatrics have bluntly stated that one smoke during pregnancy is equals sudden death for baby in womb.

This is a fact which was proven after study of over 20 million births, including over 19,000 unexpected infant deaths, as gathered from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of birth/infant death set between 2007 and 2011.

"One of the most compelling and most important points that I would take away from the study is that even smoking one or two cigarettes still had an effect on sudden infant death," said pulmonologist Dr. Cedric "Jamie" Rutland, a national spokesman for the American Lung Association.

While using a typical pack of cigarette, they found out that the risk of death rises by .07 for each additional cigarette smoked. By the time you smoke a pack a day, the study found, your baby's risk of unexpected sudden death has nearly tripled compared with infants of nonsmokers.

"Every cigarette counts," said lead study author Tatiana Anderson, a neuroscientist at the Seattle Children's Research Institute. "And doctors should be having these conversations with their patients and saying, 'Look, you should quit. That's your best odds for decreasing sudden infant death. But if you can't, every cigarette that you can reduce does help."

This discovery and its acceptance will help reduce Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, known as SIDS.

In America, number of SIDS dropped to about 2, 000 compared to nearly 4, 700 in 1993 but another wahala came in as two other types of sudden infant death -- ill-defined causes and accidental suffocation -- rose, bringing the total deaths to approximately 3,700 a year in the past two decades.

Today, researchers combine the three types of death and call it SUID, short for sudden unexpected infant death.

Now researchers have to combine the three types of death and call it SUID, short for Sudden Unexpected Infant Death.

When you smoke during pregnancy, expect your child to have asthma, infantile colic and be obesed.
It is also bad for developing fetus as it increases the risk of low birth weight by as much as 20%.

Yet, despite the knowledge that smoking will harm their babies, most women who smoke still find it difficult to stop.

...risk is still lower than if you smoked throughout pregnancy, but the overall risk is greater than for those who smoked only before pregnancy or never smoked at all.

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