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I will not hold brief or excuse any man that aspires for a position of leadership but is ignorant of the challenges of the office. As an aspiring  leader, you must be prepared for both the privileges and the RESPONSIBILITIES of that office.

A Governor wields such enormous power that he must be ready for the antics of sycophants. He must also realise the powers of power. Such powers are like dynamite that mustn’t be left in the hands of the untested. Little wonder, therefore, that the Bible makes it clear that the Office of the Bishop must not be left in the hands of the novice.

When Akpabio was in office as the Governor, the same people casting all sort of aspersions against him, made him their god and literally worshipped the very ground he walked on. They refused to tell him the truth about anything but deceived him with the most patronizing words as one worthy of canonization.

On a certain occasion, I paid my brother a private visit with the intention of highlighting one or two challenges that I noticed in his administration. Unfortunately for me, while I was with him, several guests came one after the other and poured such encomiums on him that I suddenly started to feel like I was jealous of a man that could do all of the ‘amazing’ things being attributed to him.

One actually told him to my hearing that after his tenure, women will be removing their wrappers for him to walk on each time he came to the state. It took my raw guts to make my observation but it was delivered in such a diluted manner that I felt after I left that I had effectively said nothing of what I had planned to say.

We are all mortals and therefore influenced by the praises and adulations of men - exaggerated or false as they might be.

I once countered one of such men and challenged him on why he’d utter words of praise he didn’t mean, and his answer was simple: “Arc, amenie se adia" (you have what to eat). By implication, therefore, he was saying those things not because he meant it but as a means of currying favour.
This signifies the tragedy of our leaders who mistake sycophancy for honest adoration. The end game for the leader is usually pomposity, arrogance and arrogating to oneself a false aura of invincibility.

Today, these same professional sycophants are pouring all manner of unprintable invectives on Sen. Akpabio, whereas they were the very same people who had consistently lied to him.

My prayer, therefore, is that G*d will forgive them and that they will repent of this deceit of leadership which has become their stock in trade.

I also hope that our just-re-elected Governor, Deac. Udom Emmanuel and other persons in positions of leadership will:
1. Learn from the lessons of the past that power is transient and that the state is not a private property of anyone.
2. I hope they also learn that not all critics are enemies.

Finally, I hope they see through sycophants and know them for exactly what they are - real enemies of the true success of every leader.

Let me seize this opportunity to again congratulate Deac. Udom Emmanuel on his second ten success, while promising him that I will be one man whose word he will not always like, but who he will remember at the end of the journey as one person with good intentions toward leadership.
For eight years, my brother Akpabio literally ignored me. The past four years, my Gov Udom had done same.

Unfortunately, I'm ready to be ignored for four more years than to see black and call or white. If I mean well, God will take care of me, as HE always does!


Arc Nya-Etok Ezekiel 
Visioner: Social Governance Ideology.

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