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Movie Thriller: "Tempted" Starring Larry Titus, Anita Nweze, Annie ichie & chigozie Ozor

Nollywood Releases Newest Thriller "Tempted" Starring Larry Titus, Anita Nweze, Annie ichie and chigozie Ozor

The Movie "Tempted" is Focused on the life and trials of a devoted Man of God. A very spiritual and well to do man of God, who just got married and was making preparations for his honeymoon.

He spent most of his time, going to church, reading the Bible, playing the keyboard, praising and worshiping God in wonderful melodies.

As head pastor, things were going on well until his wife brought in her uncle's daughter to come spend some time with them, while the uncle and wife flew abroad for medical treatment, unknown to her that she has just set her marriage home ablaze.

Along the line,  "Oluchi", the girl who just came in and Brother Victor, the Man of God who just got married, both started having a secret affair.

This movie is not like the regular Nollywood movies, starring new faces like "Larry Titus, Anita Nweze, Annie ichie and chigozie Ozor.

Directed By Uche Uzuegbu.

The movie also mirrors the current possibilities surrounding the lives of some spiritual and dedicated men of God.

Watch the 2 Minutes Plus thriller on YouTube while we await the release of the main movie come March ending.

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