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Paedophile report from Ikorodu Road

I've always seen and read about the word "Paedophile" but never read meaning to it until I witnessed one going on right inside a red BRT.

Let me start by defining what and who a paedophile is:
A particular type of child molester, is an adult whose conscious sexual interests and overt sexual behavior are directly either partially or exclusively toward children.

Sorry for digressing, I had to explain so you can grasp what I'm about to reveal.

Apparently, this dark dude is a chronic child molester aka Paedophile, you see the way he placed his hands around that girl-child, from his body language I knew he was up to something. I wasn't wrong either, we are all heading to Ikorodu and at intervals, the girl's father kept calling to ask where they had reached, for you to know how young and obviously innocent she is and hopefully would be before this guy reaches her, each time the father called, she kept using the word 'daddy', her voice really showed she should be in the range of probably 14-15 years of age and peeps would look back and smile.

He asked for her number, she didn't know it completely. So he collected her phone to call his own phone, gave her one 1 thousand naira in 500 naira denominations! Can you believe this!!

Please if you're the father of this girl or know her family, please ask her who she met in a BRT heading to Ikorodu before she alighted at Agric Bus-stop with her younger brother!!

And parents, just because your girl-child is big enough doesn't mean she's mature enough to ward off these sexual predators wherever they go. I'm pretty sure this idiot would call her tonight and lure her into his den some time soon!

This is someone's father or uncle caught in the act!

Paedophiles are REAL!!

Pictures don't lie, you would see the girl still holding the money and how this guy kept putting his arms around her!

As reported by Sholakunmi Banire

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