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Thirteen (13) meanings of Courtship

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Dear Babe and Bros,

The fact that we are dating and I have introduced you to the whole world doesn't mean we are married. If you become 'unmarryable', that's it! Just like I told the whole world of you; they would see it's over.

1. Don't sweep under the carpet what you can trash in the bin. I want to walk on clear ground not on a carpet elevated by thrash.

2. Let the courtship break up and let the person go if the future is not secure by what you have come to see. Cry if you will, seek counsel if it's hard, but never marry a person that you had to hide and deny the truth just to keep.

3. Courtship actually begins when two persons have the guts to say 'look at me and see what I truly am'. It is not an irreversible relationship.

4. Courtship is the unearthing process, like a surgical operation; it is a season of final honest exposure. Someone is about to share 'your life' and they become entitled to appreciate the good, the bad and the expected/unexpected.

5. If the courtship is pretentious, the marriage will be contentious! Nothing is hidden under the sun, it will either come out or the consequences will show.

6. Courtship is like a court of law. If the evidence is not clearly presented, the judgment will be made in error.

7. Courtship is your chance to demand the 'evidence of marriage', the substance of things not seen. It is when you look closely and 'see who your husband or wife' will truly be.

8. It is such a stupid thing to turn courtship into 'sex-ship', 'laundry-ship', 'soup cooking-ship' and all those ships that are not relationships. Selah!

9. I wish I could tell you that walking out of a wrong relationship won't hurt. My dear it will, but please note that weeping in marriage is worse.

10. Courtship is not when you take your ordination as an Evangelist who is preparing to 'change them in marriage'. That ministry won't work!

11. Courtship is not a licence to spend 'weekends'. That's weakness

12. Courtship is not marriage and if it ends, it is not divorce. It is breakable, and 'end-able' if it points to a marriage that will fail!

13. Don't let things like 'Introduction' hold you down into a disastrous marriage.

"Be Wise and Smart"

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