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2019 Election: Snake Swallows EKSU's Accreditation List

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Following the SUG Election of Ekiti State University(EKSU), in which results is supposed to be announced as well on Tuesday, 7th May, the accreditation list have been declared missing.

According to source, the Acting Vice Chancellor EKSU, Prof.Olubunmi Ajayi, allegedly said in an emergency meeting that the Accreditation List of the Faculty of Art, handed over to them on Thursday, 11th of April 2019, with his appended signature have been swallowed by snake, on this note wants to declare the election inconclusive.

The student who are very hungry for a fair result have discarded this as a lie, accusing the management of planning to discard the elected SUG persons since it didn't favour them.

This can be said similar to the recent Nigeria General Election as it was observed by  was observe by almost all the  student of Ekiti state University, NAN'S Exco, FESSU and other officials in which the winners of the election were declare the same day at Odudua hall. The Election which was deemed free and Fair and supervised by the Acting Vice-Chancellor,  Dean of students Affairs and the chief security officer was suddenly deemed unfair because of the allegations of two contestants.

"I'm afraid the management want to impose the caretaker committee on Eksuite," said a student.

To buttress their anger, the students decided to go on peaceful protest on Wednesday, 8th May but was cancelled as one of the candidate and bone of contention, Agidi Eniola, after a long meeting made a resolution to stand down for peace to reign but standing on fact that "this is lection mal practice".

"We must ensure that this system is sustained and we won't allow anything to truncate it, says Prof. Ajayi.

He also advised that Gbadero and Eniola should work together in peace and UNITY for the betterment of the students.

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