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Are Models Not Prostitutes? #iamamodelnotaprostitute

Ololade Ibrahim

Friday Night took another angle in the modeling world as models aware of the mischief took their 'social placards" to protest "Models are not Prostitutes" using the tag  #iamamodelnotaprostitute with support of others.

What brought about this argument is still not clear to us but we know for sure that the blunt reply given by an Instagram user with name "Mayor Kinzo" lead to the protest and "finger lashing"(if i must call it that🙂).

Models like, Ololade Ibrahim, Cynthia Abdulahi and others decided to lead the protest, letteing the world know models are not prostitute. Starting with Instagram story which ran for hours, then posts.

Now, Are Models Prostitutes or "Professional Living Mannequin" ?
Cynthia Abdulahi
Ololade says, "Like I said I don’t reply to people’s comment so far it is not under my post, but this guy comment really piss me off that I had to talk. @mayor_kinzo I AM QUOTING YOU WRONG THAT MODELS ARE NOT PROSTITUTES, DIGEST WHAT I SAID WELL. I know many top models who are decent, humble, God-fearing and they are not a prostitute. I for one @ololadeadunny I AM NOT A PROSTITUTE.

A user with handle @obi.jacqueline also supported her motion saying
"Lol this is Nigeria and I’m glad you didn’t take his shit! How can people be so ignorant ! Like wtf! Grown adamant , just because someone writes model on their bio it doesn’t maje them a model . Do you expect them to write prostitute ? Then you go on stereotyping people who work really hard in their careers wtf! ..., it’s all just Instagram comments till someone commits suicide or calls your mom a prostitute! Y’all are pathetic walking bags of evil shit STOP WITH THESE COMMENTS"

See, me I don't like what I don't like, quoting Brainee. Being with this set of people, and for fact that models are not women alone, I say Models are Not Prostitutes... yet I don't know if you agree with me.

Hit the comment box....share your thought.

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