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Didi's Advice on Wayward Wife and Divorce

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Ask Didi: Divorce 💔?*

(+2332...9) asks, "I got married to my wife about six year ago. Just after after the marriage, things began to turn upside down; she began defrauding and stealing people, starting from her school where she went to study nursing. She had been arrested and put in prison cells more than ten times and had been on prison remand once. Despite all that, I forgave her but now I can't stand the disgrace and humiliation. She is very disrespectful and arrogant. She has refused to get work to do to help alleviate the burden on me. We have three children now and the last one is one year three months old. I have decided to divorce her. What do you think?"

Didi's Response:
"While Didi is usually not too keen on divorce when there are children involved, both you and your children will most certainly be better off without a mother who is in and out of prison and shows no sign of improvement. Divorce her and get custody of your children. Didi also suspects that your wife has a mental illness and needs professional help. A sudden change in personality is not normal."

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