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Our leaders of Delta South are unable to help to eradicate unemployment out of the street. The unified Delta State teacher's recruitment that is ongoing, they can't even allowed the qualified ones to go for an Oracle interview. They are busy in one way or the other  selling the slots to people that don't even desired it.

I believe the masses work very hard during the campaign and election period to vote them in other for them to uplift the standard of the people , but this is what you people gave to us in returned. It is seriously embarrassing of the attitude the leaders are displaying, they don't longer pick their calls any more, some even block your our lines not reached them. But during the campaign and election days, they frequently call you and pick their calls any time you call them.

The computer based Test is not a good method of recruiting Delta State graduates into the system. We know that before the registration is out, the politicians of various region have already shared the slots among themselves, they are just conducting a formative test to display people out of the system in order for their candidates to be employed.

We are strictly speaking to the Delta State post primary Education Board that, we have an evidence to proof for this ongoing recruitment,

Some of our leaders are collecting money from applicants  in other for them to be employed, some paid the sum of 300k-500k cashed. .

According to the applicant said, they are instructed to just participate for the computer based Test.

Ijaw political Watchdog is still telling those who are concerns  to employed all Shortlisted names into the system.

H. E Senator Dr Okowa Arthur Ifeanyi is gambling with the south and the Central, he only Favour his own people at the North.

TODAY, those who went for the Oracle interview at Asaba, majority of them are from the North, the applicants from the North said, their questions are very simple to answer and everyone pass very well and they make the system difficult for South and the Central so that their people can be employed.

During the interview of the applicant, the applicant said they gave them more preferences than the south and the Central.

Ijaw political Watchdog is appealing to all leaders to employed everyone that, their names have been shortlisted for Unified Delta State teaching.

That is the only way peace can reigned across every regions in the State.

Snr. Comr. Paul Akpowaide 
National President of Ijaw political Watchdog.

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