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 I support kidnappers to keep kidnapping but, with emphasis, I urge them to change their mode of operations by kidnapping only the haves and sparing the haves-not. 

The main problem is not the kidnapping but what causes it. Quote me, if our elite cannot tackle the root causes of kidnapping, which are poverty and illiteracy, I support kidnappers to keep kidnapping but, with emphasis, I urge them to change their mode of operations by kidnapping only the haves and sparing the haves-not.

To me, he is a martyr. Who? A kidnapper who loses his life in the course of kidnapping one of those corrupt elements who enrich themselves with our collective wealth.

As described by Dele Sobowale, a revolution is underway in the northern states of Nigeria. The downtrodden constituting 99.9 per cent of the population, hitherto docile beggars, saying rankai-dade to the privileged 0.1 per cent, are sick and tired of begging. They are now demanding for their own share of “the national cake” to be delivered to them – at gun or cutlass.

It has always been a puzzle to me why leaders – Presidents, Governors, Ministers, Commissioners, party leaders – who we presumed were/are intelligent and wise  could have individually and collectively failed to understand that we cannot continue to increase the number of jobless adults and children out of school without eventually reaching the breaking point. I can boldly say that we are now speedily heading to the 'breaking point'.

Throughout Nigeria, if you see a beggar, he or she is a Northerner. Go to Abuja, Lagos, Portharcourt or any major city in Nigeria to confirm my statement. And this is nothing but a consequence of wicked leadership that permeated the North. Northern elites are most heartless, merciless and conscienceless people on earth. They have been impoverishing and indirectly enslaving the Northern masses, using religion and ethnicity as tools to keep dividing and ruling them. They have been using religious and traditional leaders as defensive apparatus when the masses attempt to revolt. The northern clerics do convince the masses to accept their poverty and illiteracy as an “act of Allah”.
I know one public official among the Northern elite who bought a 10 million naira car for his 10 years old son just because the son said he liked the car. A boy that couldn't drive even a motorcycle. With ten million naira, how many children can be sent to school? How many children can be clothed? How many sick persons can be treated? How many beggars can be rehabilitated?

Through their bad governance, they couldn't provide quality education to the masses while they send their children abroad for studies. President Buhari is a typical example of such elite. He couldn't build even one school from his personal pocket throughout the North but he is able to send his children to prestigious schools abroad (precisely in United Kingdom). To add salt to our lingering suffering, his wife recently announced her plan to establish a private university. How did she get the money? What's her source of income that enriched her to establish a private university? Can a poor man's children attend private primary school let alone private university? This is nothing but a strategy of continued enslavement where the lucky poor man's children will be serving as gatemen, security guards, cleaners and gardeners.

Atiku Abubakar, a person who spent solid eight years as a powerful Vice President, did build a private university in Adamawa state without building even a primary school for the benefit of a poor man's children. He has primary and secondary schools that only his fellow elite's children can attend. And he usually presents himself as the messiah of the masses.

Those people have been taking us for granted. They build mosques and churches to gratify the religious fancies of our people. They sponsor the annual pilgrimage of our religious leaders and their families while our masses are dying in poverty and illiteracy. When election comes, they spend billions of Naira for campaigning but they cannot spend millions of naira on poverty and illiteracy eradication.

In conclusion, those kidnappers that destabilize your peace and our peace are those children of the masses that you failed to educate and empower. Rampant kidnapping is one of the points that your selfish mentality takes us, a mentality that your children are the only ones who deserve good education and employment.

Comrade Muhammed Ishaq, 
National Coordinator of the Northern Youths Congress for Progress (NYCP).

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