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The Rights Of A Child Vs The Act Of A Child

The act's of a child is enshrined in the rights of a child and the child rights is a mandate of the rights of their purpose of creation and stages of development.

Thus a child behave according to what they discover about themselves, their environment and the attitude of their parents or guardian toward them.

In otherworld, the act of a child is mostly externally controlled but the rights of a child is the inherent duty owned them by parents, guardians and the society in which they live. These rights are inalienable, a denial of these rights violate the child governing culture to live rightly

When the child rights is taken or denied, the act of the child goes awry.

One of the fundamental rights of the child is the right of education, Society and parents owns this to them naturally.

No child should be so placed in a situation that he or she is denied the right to learn or go to school

But many government and parents are violating the right of the child to be educated, when the child rights is abused, the society progress in error, her future is nothing but insecurity, violence, injustices, poverty and ignorance

The child holds the key to bringing a better world to humanity,education must be of priority if society want peace,progress and prosperity

Workman Teachers Volunteers once reported that, poor countries and war turn regions or nations have something in common,they both shares in the underdevelopment of the child.

We are indeed shock that in twenty first century world, many children are not in school in Africa especially in Nigeria, even those who manage to be in school are sent home due to their parents inability to pay tuition fee.

The social media was jingled with the video of a child apparently from around Edo /Delta state parts of Nigeria, we could guess her place of origin by her Swagging style of speaking who was sent home due to her parents inability to pay tuition fee

Should the child education be punished for the poverty of her parents? If this happens, society and government has shortchanged the act's of the child and abuse their rights.

The Nigeria government at all levels should be challenge by this girl child boldness to speak up for herself and her reediness to pursue her education to now have free primary education across the country.

Education is not a permissive rights parents or government owns to a child but is the child perfect rights that  should not be denied them in the home and society in which they live.

We must again revisit our national developmental plan, if the child education is not well captured, then we are like a man who goes to the river to fetch water with a basket.

Support the campaign for free education for the child by sharing this to all Leaders and Teachers

Saint Innocent - Workman International

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