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This Ramadan: For those who Sponsor Tafsir On TV & Radio.

These children. I love their dedication. I may not have their faith. That's ok.
Photo by BuzzFeed
Why spending millions of Naira in sponsoring Tafsir on TV and Radio stations when your neighbours don't have what to eat for Sahur and Iftar in this coming Holy month?

Don't you think we can get more Reward from feeding the poor in our community than sponsoring some set of persons that already have what it takes to fast?

 Those who sincerely need feeding for that 30days are much more than those who listen to the programs you are sponsoring afterall everybody is accessible to Mosques and other Muslim settings. Please let us prioritize HUMANITY to Frivolity!!!

 May Allah grant us ease and make us among the pious who put smiles on the faces of people around us.

Ramadan Kareem!

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