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This Weekend: THE DOCTOR'S OFFICE (+18)

I sat nervously in the waiting room. I had come to collect the results of the medical tests I had done a couple of weeks back and now I had been told that the doctor wanted to see me. I wondered why. Was there something really wrong with my health that the doctor felt the need to speak with me

I fidgeted as I waited.
"Miss Brown, the doctor is ready for you now," the receptionist said, calling for me.

As I entered the doctor's office, I took a look around. Apart from the official table and two chairs on both sides, the only other furniture was the patient bed that was set towards the wall at the other end. I sat on the chair facing the doctor.

Hello, I am Doctor Adeoye,"he said, shuffling a sheaf of papers on his desk.
I nodded, unsure what to say.
"I have your results here," he continued, referring to the papers in his hands and everything looks good."
I breathed a sigh of relief. "I was just concerned about a few things and I would like to do a quick checkup."
"Is something wrong, Doctor?"
"Not at all. I want to make absolutely sure, that's all. I would like you to undress, change into the hospital gown right there and lie on the bed. I will give you a couple of minutes to change."

After he closed the door behind him, I felt my nerves return. I peeled off my clothes, including my underwear and changed. The hospital gown was light and paper thin. I felt exposed but I
was sure the doctor would probably not take any notice of my body. He must have done this thousands of times, I thought, as I laid on the bed he pointed to.

He came in to stand by the bed. He plugged his stethoscope in his ears and brought the other end to my chest. After listening for a few seconds, he took it off. I heard him mumble something under his breath but I could not make out the words.

He brought his down his hands and pressed one palm against the side of my neck.
"Does this hurt?"
I shook my head, 'no.'

He went about applying pressure to some other parts of my neck, slowly making his way down. Soon, I felt his palm on the side of my boobs through the light gown. He rubbed against it, a serious frown on his face. I wondered if I should be uncomfortable with it but he looked so professional, I had to assume he was just doing his job.

His hand moved from the side to rest on my breasts. He pressed his palm against my boobs and my nipple began to respond. He moved his hands around my breasts making sure the skin on his palms maintained contact on my nipples. I shifted. I was feeling very turned on now but I tried to hide it. I
did not want to make him uncomfortable. I clenched my legs tightly together when I started to feel myself get warm.

Again and again, he massaged my breasts, makings sure to graze my hardening nipples every time.
I felt a mixture of relief and disappointment when his hands moved away from my breasts. They came to rest on my stomach and once again he asked if it hurt as he kept on poking around. He moved his hands lower and lower until they were resting on my crotch.

The lower he got, the wetter I became. I kept shifting, hoping he did not notice.

He looked towards my thighs and asked, "Where is that from?"
He pointed at a mole on my thigh. I explained that it had always been there.

He used one hand to rub the mole and the other to rub my inner thighs.
"I would like to check if there are more moles like these. You need to keep an eye on these kinds of things," he seemed to me muttering to himself but his voice was husky.

I moved my legs apart as he began stroking my inner thighs. He went higher, under the gown and I felt like I was about to go crazy with desire. He raised the gown and glanced at my pussy. I wanted his touch so bad but he was content with moving around my thigh and stroking me that way. I spread my legs apart, hoping the sight of my open cunt will encourage him.

His hand slid closer to my pussy and he slowly inserted one finger into me. I moaned. He did this again and again until I was shifting my hips upwards to fuck his fingers.

"Hmm..." he said, watching me, "we need to do something about this."

I almost cried out in joy when he unzipped and climbed up the bed to rest on me. His cock found my open pussy and he entered....

I moaned again and he claimed my mouth in a kiss. He began to slide his cock in and out of me. He moved the gown further up and bent his head towards my breast. He took one nipple into his mouth and began to suck on it as he fucked me. I groaned, moving my hips against him as he went deeper. He slid his cock in and out of me until I exploded around him. He did not stop fucking me. He rammed into my cunt harder and faster until he collapsed with a grunt, riding his own orgasm.

After a few minutes, he came down from the bed and adjusted my gown.

"You can get up now. Everything seems to be in order," he said.

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