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A Critical Look into PDP Vs APGA government in Anambra state.

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A Critical Look into: PDP government in Anambra state Vs  APGA government in Anambra state. Lesson and legacy to learn.

APGA manifesto stands for continuity, free and fair elections, law and order, divided of democracy to the people, accountability, development, employment, safety and security,  job creation and investment opportunities, prompt payment of Pensions and gratuity,  salaries paid as at when due. First in Education,  good health care system, good road network system,  powerful IGR. Finally with APGA government no abandoned projects, No one is left out, so for any state or a nation to develop very well, continuity for good governance must be sustained.

PDP legacy in Anambra state is burning down government house, looting  of government and public properties,  kidnapping and armed robbery,  looting of public funds,  No salary to workers, schools are closed  down,  no good roads, no good health care system, Election Rigging machines, thuggery and ballot box stuffing,  do or die politics,  if not me let us scatter it politics, blackmail and betrayal, power grabbers, assassination of political opponents, kidnapping of a seating governor, politics of godfatherisem. No accountability,  no investment and no job. Divide and rule tactics. Politics of hate and bitterness, That's what Anambra state witness with PDP. I stand to be corrected?

Now the questions is, shall we return back to PDP because Peter Obi is there? Knowing fully well that he will never come back as a governor, and the only slot left for him to be in am elective position is by Contesting as a Senator or VP,  which he can't do much  because as a  Senator Peter Obi can only focused on his constituents which is Anambra central senatorial district,  and as VP which is an empty position and no portfolio attached to him unless otherwise.

Should we stand firm with continuity of APGA manifesto so as to keep the development going? Since under APGA government, HE. Willie Obiano  has delivered his campaign promises, which is complete Peter Obi projects and continue your own projects. Another APGA governor will continue with this developmental strategy and our state will keep moving forward for good.

Since change of government or party has not worked in Nigeria system, change of government can only bring us abandoned project,  set development backwards,  creates political crisis, make life meaningless for the people, crippled economy,  bring under development.

My People think outside the box and reason positively before you criticize or attack and if you concur with my opinion let me read from you.

John Louis

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