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BLOOD FOR BLOOD - Episode 10

**********Episode 10*********

I woke with a splitting headache and the image of the sexy stranger I had seen earlier before falling into an induced sleep obviously caused by the injections that had been infused into my drip. I opened my eyes to see a different nurse and a group of guys in my hospital room.

As the nurse made to leave, I jerked up but was immediately halted by something I had noticed. The guys were wearing polo shirts as I had been able to see from my angle lying down but as I had jerked up, i noticed a very disturbing sight, the guys all wore camouflaged trousers and big boots and had gun holsters attached to their belts….luckily for me, they had not noticed that I was awake…

I lay back down and closed my eyes once more…From my count, there were three of them in the room, they looked muscular, I could tell from the way their polo shirts clung to their bodies tightly.

I moved my arm and noticed that the drip set had been detached, I was relieved, at least no more induced sleep for me any more…..I twitched my toes, they were responsive,”Thank God”, I muttered under my breath…I tried moving several parts of my body with minimal disturbance so I wouldn’t rouse the attention of the guys conversing in the room with their back to me…..

”He has to be one of them, am quite sure”, the first one said with an air of authority,”

He must be their superior, ”I muttered again under my breath.” Place one guard at the door outside and make sure no one enters or leaves without my permission ”he barked at the remaining two who kept looking intently at him….”Yes sir” they affirmed in unison as they saluted him….

Deep within me, I knew I was in trouble right now because from the look of things, the guys who had just rounded up their conversation in my room belonged to the military.

I didn’t know if my body was strong enough to facilitate my escape but I would soon find out…

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