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**********Episode 10*********

Now am not one of those niggas that would tell you they woke in a hospital and couldn’t tell they were in a hospital till they asked a nurse…..That was not the case at all…..The real mystery was how I got there.

Opening my eyes, I made to assess my environment, the hospital room looked relatively expensive seeing that I was the only one in the room and there was a Plasme TV set hanging at one corner of the room on which ”hotline bling” by drake played on MTV Base….There was a water dispenser directly under it, the room was tiled. Even though my bed was cozy and soft, I felt like a thousand saws had just been used on me…

My reverie was interrupted as the door opened, two ladies walked in;a middle aged nurse and a lady I had never seen before and she was hot…….she had curves that were to die for which she expertly complemented by wearing a tight skimpy gown that hovered on her sexy laps as she walked towards the bed, reaching into her bag, she picked her phone, dialled a number, put it to her ear and looked me straight in the eye…

”Hello…..cigaro!!!!! Yeah he’s awake”. All the while never breaking the eye contact she had made with me earlier….

I was immediately attracted to the beautiful stranger forgetting totally about the nurse in the room till she tapped my shoulder to which I responded with a deep groan...

”What did you say happened to him, she asked the girl; only then did she break eye contact with me to answer the nurse, ”he was in an accident and fortunately I was on hand to bring him here”….

”Me??? Accident?? That was very contrary to what I remembered, I looked at her with suspicion in my eyes. She reciprocated with the ”you’ll thank me later” look.

I couldn’t get my finger on what was transpiring, still pondering on what was happening, I noticed the drip in my wrist and earlier I had noticed the nurse infusing several injections as she had walked in with the girl…..I had to talk with this girl but the drowsiness got way out of hand…I drifted off to sleep with a conversation on my mind

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