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CNM calls on President Buhari to ban Obasanjo and Jonathan from State events

The Coalition of Nigerian Movement(CNM) displeased with the absence of former Presidents of Nigeria at the 2nd Term Inauguration of President Buhari on June 12 have called for their ban on State Events.

Th CNM calls for the ban of  Olusegun Obasanjo and Goodluck Jonathan from attending state events in future and urged President Buhari to probe them and ensure they pay for any crimes that could be established against them.

The coalition presented a 7-point demand to the federal govt, which it said must be met to prove that the government is not colluding with OBJ and GEJ to ink the country as signed by its convener, Patriot Sabo Odeh.

Patriot Sabo Odeh also commended the President for renaming the Abuja Stadium to MKO Abiola Stadium, among other developments.

He said: “These developments have elated Nigerians across class, ethnic, religious and political divides. It is however alarming that there is a pocket of evil people that are saddened by the very fact that Nigeria’s democracy have survived their repeated assault on it, which has made their intentions to abort two decades of continued democracy to fail serially.

“So toxic is their bad wish for the country that they are unable to hide their disappointment and anger that the country is on the path of thriving in spite of their willful acts of sabotage against the nation.

“To this end, the Coalition for Nigeria Movement hereby presents a 7-point demand to the federal government, which must be met to prove that the present administration is not colluding with Obasanjo and Jonathan to sink the country.

“Our demands are: “That the federal government conduct a comprehensive audit of government funds by probing national finances from 1999 – 2015. This probe should be with a view to unravel the mysteries surrounding the loss of Nigeria’s resources, which has become imperative to unveil the true identities of those who stole Nigeria blind but are today parading as elder statesmen.

“That the federal government should henceforth not extend any invitation to state functions to any of Olusegun Obasanjo and Goodluck Jonathan.

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