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Temi Badmus and Course Mates
We are existing in a living nation, full of milk, honey, greenness but occupied by a group is dying people.

A friend of mine sent me something few days ago, then he asked me to write about it.

It took me days to actually decide on what to write, but I’m here with a tittle that I love because it’s funny to me and it does speaks meaning to me.

We are a society where a lot of things are happening and the truth is we don’t tell ourselves the truth, but I will definitely spill some milk on the plain floor.

People kidnapping others to earn a living, how do you feel about that class mate of yours who has everything, they have good parent but trust me they are still jealous of you who have just little compare to what they have.

What about the fact that the people who are homeless are getting more homeless while the elite are building more houses which only furniture occupies, everybody want to be somebody in our world, which of course is okay.

But what of if becoming somebody means you have to hurt somebody… Are you not gonna give it a trial? This is why the world is in a mess … Not giving it a trial but actually doing it.

You have maids, who sees how you wear good clothing, your children attends the best school, and of course rolls with the best of friends, they definitely will envy your children and probably would hope something bad happens to them because nothing makes your kids better than them, they are just lucky to have a good or wealthy parent like you.

What makes you think your neighbour won’t pray your brilliant, handsome and highly preserve son dies, what makes him different from their son who causes trouble around the neighborhood, it’s a just unfortunate that his lifestyle ain’t good enough.

What makes you think, the security at the school gate doesn’t want your dad dead? Your dad isn’t better than him, if we must think about it clearly, life and lucky with hard work is what differentiates them.

Let me say a little of this.

I once made a little friendship with someone in my department, I really did regret it

”She’s loud, and un-mannered in every way” so I decided it was a No for my destiny to have such personality attached to me

What if I made a mistake by walking away? After all, it was luck and grace that made me understand that as a child, there is a limit to whatever I should do.

Because I understood that, then I had limits. Nothing makes me better than that loosed mouthed course mate of mine, who doesn’t think before answering to others or before saying things about others.

The only difference between us is that I understood that my action and in actions have repercussions.

What makes you feel the sick man walking round the road who sees you healthy doesn’t wish your health be switched with his hilliness.

Everyone has this desperation of what they want to be and assumed to be.

But every of our action has repercussions

We all on earth now, are sets of mad people who feels whatever we do is what is right, and the moment it’s not favouring us… It is assumed to be wrong.

That is why maids are killing their bosses.

People are kidnapping others to make money.

The lost are becoming more lost….

The fraudulent are living a good life,

We are living a life full of people with intentions that can’t be explained…

But at the end of the day, those intentions ends up as bad decision which will hurt one person and benefits the other.

But at the end of the day what I’m trying to say is… We are the evil that contaminates the society.

And it high time, we started making things happen individually than waiting for a group…

For every action has a reaction which bring about repercussions.

And its high time, you believe and know that everyone on earth is a mad man trying to survive even when life is not giving them the best out of it.

Temi Badmus
is a student of Food Science and Technology, Unilorin and a Media Consultant and Blogger.

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