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Lyrics: Jaydrillz - Poverty Na Curable Disease (PNCD)


Shoobi doobi doodoo eh eh
Jaydrillz oooo Big Deal, Big Deal

I want it all before i rest in peace
Poverty na curable disease
The medicine dey your hand eh
Know your enemies
And know your friends eh eh eh
I wanna see my mama feel the peace
She was there when i was drowning my tears
No be everybody understand eh
No be everybody understand eh eh eh

Poverty na curable disease
The medication na hustle
My brother take a dosage
Mehn i'm swimming out the deep end
No be another man pikin i go depend on
Yeah we all need somebody
But we dont need everybody
If them no give me the key
I'm coming through with a hammer
I'll be breaking every closed door
I don't know if you understand me
I been waiting for no labels to come sign me
No go think say i'm alone
Baba God sign me
I only put my mouth for wetin the concern me
Ooooooh yeah!
I no fit stop I hope you understand
I left my family for this I hope you understand
E no go sup if you no para put
If Otedola get 2 heads I for undertsand
Ten toes mehn I stand gallant
There's no shaking
Never be a waste of breath to my maker
RIP Nipsey, thanks for the vision
All money in mehn thats my mission cos!


I know a rich G
Who sold rat poison(pato!)
Now he's really high ranking
God is enough
Na God over everything
So alubarika follow me for my every every
Many are called but few are chosen
Many don blow and many have fallen
Many don go so far away
So brother ma lor farawe mi ooo
And when them ask and you no get
Them say you wicked
Hustle all week soak garri for the weekend
Tryna do the hustle small small
make them feel us
But any time we step out the door
SARS the kill us
No think your wahala
Think a way out
From the ghetto to private jet's the way out
Ogbenni nothing is impossible!
One hundred million dollars for the team
Trust me e never do!


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