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Stop The Bullying At School

Bullies on Behance
Bullying is a rape on a child psychology. It is inimical to their moral, social and intellectual development.

Saint Innocent at Workmanteachers Volunteers reviews and continued thus -

The act of bullying usually emanate from children with weak parenting, it is the odious habit of a child who takes advantage of another child state and place of being.

Bullying a child have five major effects amongst others:

Devaluation -- In which case the child sees himself as inferior to others, this could isolate his mind from learning.

Denigration -- At which point a child reasoned that he is unfit to be amongst other children, this could cause him to want to recuse from school or from the company of his peers.

Demoralisation -- To which a child feels unbalanced to assimilate or articulate the rationality of education or children living.

Depression -- which reveals the state of unwanted life a child is boxed to experience, this could lead to suicide or other unwanted behavior.

Dementia -- This for a child is the presence of a strong elements of psychosis at which state a child is at a lose in mind.

Parents and schools should do well to teach the child kindness, love, care and giving hope to others in need.

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