2023: Brymo supports Bola Tinubu, ends his remaining musical career

Brymo has come under fire for declaring his support for All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential aspirant Bola Ahmed Tinubu. The “Ara” singer publicly declared staunch support for Tinubu on Tuesday in a series of tweets.


The singer whose real name is Olawale Ibrahim Ashimi had tweeted his support for Tinubu, noting that while he had never met the aspirant, he believed he was the one with a plan for the country.


A tweeter user @ambrosia_ijebu had written, “This Jagaban (as Tinubu is also called) candidacy has truly helped me see that so many Nigerians actually don’t care about purposeful or diligent leadership.”

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Responding, Brymo said “Yet he’s the one with a plan, we all know that. Let a city boy be president for once!”


He then added, “I’ve never met the man, or anyone who represents, or is acquainted with him, or even his relations and political affiliates – and if we stopped trying to kill them off for being old.”


Explaining his tweet, Brymo wrote, “About having a plan; You live in what town?.. I live in Lagos.. Yeah! City Boy. It is like Lagos moving into Aso rock. It is guaranteed to work!

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“Even if looting is rife it’ll still be the best presidency yet. On God!” Brymo added.


However, some Nigerians seemed to disagree with the Ara singer, also taking to Twitter to air their thoughts.


@shady_killz wrote, “I really do love you as an artist. However, as a human being, I do not respect your stance on this matter. How can you in good conscience believe Tinubu has a plan? No Brymo, this one broke my heart.”

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@yemihazan wrote “Instead of you to face promoting your album, now your fans will start looking at you with a side eye.”


At the same time other Nigerians supported the singer’s views

@TtifeB wrote @They think Brymo is like their favoruite influencers and regular PhDs on this ap who kowtow to whatever their mobs want. It’s not only his support for BAT that’s making them go mad, it’s him settling down to call their bludd. O dun won gan.”


@Agunbiade_Gafar wrote “There’s nothing wrong when a celebrity support a politician because of his own believe and admiration. Brymo said base on the city development of Lagos, he believes BAT can be the man irrespective of his age. Then bring a counterarguments and not cancel culture…..”


In subsequent tweets, the 36-year-old singer buttressed his desire to see Jagaban rule as he noted he had the right to pick a candidate being a citizen of Nigeria.

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More importantly, Brymo unequivocally stated Tinubu possessed a blueprint which will certainly work in transforming the country while challenging the citizens to give him a chance.

2023: Brymo supports Bola Tinubu, ends his remaining musical career
2023: Brymo supports Bola Tinubu, ends his remaining musical career

He added: “You may be trying for God knows why, I am just looking for the best options there are, something to bridge the aspirational divide.. and it is my country as well, I have natural rights to pick a candidate and speak for why!!


“Wait!.. you don’t want to find out if truly there’s a blueprint for even future infrastructure in this city…like you wouldn’t like to have proof of all you heard of the man and this city ?..wouldn’t you like for someone to curate a working blueprint for this country ?.. I do!”


However, many Nigerians have promised to focus on his political life and ideology to ignore his music.

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