2023: I’m set to take over from Sanwo-Olu – APC member

2023: I’m set to take over from Sanwo-Olu - APC member

Public administrator, and member of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Mrs. Khairat Animashaun-Ajiboye, has said that she is set to take over the mantle from the incumbent governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, as she prepares to take part in the upcoming gubernatorial race in 2023.


Speaking to pressmen at a media parley, held at Excellence Hotel and Conference Hall, Ogba, Lagos, on Thursday, she said that she was poised to take over from the incumbent governor of the state.


She said, “I want to start by greeting the general populace of Lagos State that resides here and that are parts of other communities in Nigeria and all over the world. I greet our mothers, our fathers, our old, our Young, our females, our males, our elders, the owners of this land, and the visitors in this land and at last, I greet our leaders and our people. It is a blessing to be among you this morning.


“My name is Khairat Animashaun-Ajiboye. I would like you to listen to me with a clear mind. I am ready to take over from governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, and I believe that I have got what it takes to do so. I have grown through the same social-political system that every normal child went through, I attended a public primary and secondary school, a public college, and University, I was a public servant who plied public buses as a source of transportation.

“I was that child who will wake up very early to help her mother fetch a source of livelihood and still walk to school every morning. I was that child who was vulnerable to the system yet brilliant in mind and soul as the majority of our children, our aunties, our young ladies. I have been there, done that. Although I had the privilege of traveling abroad to further my studies, acquiring two Master’s degrees, and doing well in my career, I have remained consistent in my attitude, general outlook, and knack for service to humanity. I have taken my time to tell you this just to prove that I am just like every Bukky, Joe, Abdullahi, Omolara, Chidinma, and Janet on the streets, who believes that where the opportunities present themselves, I will strive to become a better person and member of our society at large.


“I am a woman, a youth, an Aworian, thanks to my long-standing Lagos Island roots. I am also from Surulere, and I am a Lagos Westerner by tradition. I am the convener of the Khairat Animashaun Initiative. I am a self-driven individual with the tenacity, discipline, network, humility, and good appreciating heart to drive the seat of power in Lagos State by becoming the next Executive Governor, God willing. I crave the indulgence of the electorates, to promote our dear Lagos so we can entrench fairness and goodwill by supporting my intention to run for the exalted office of Lagos State Governor under the All Peoples Congress political party. My Vision is to create a more sustainable social-political, economic, cultural, and physical environment for all. The mission is for every Lagosian, regardless of their color or breed, to accept this noble Lagosian, to promote Lagos to become a more functional state without any gender barrier, but with flexibility, and thoroughness.


“As a true campaigner of good and responsible leadership, who believes in the pragmatism of leadership, I hope that you the technocrats, the marketers, the corporate society, the students, the socialites, the youths, the women and men will heed my clarion call more for a Lagos that works for all because “Correcting what is around us will largely correct other wrongs about our larger environment! A change in mindset from us all can make that difference we seek.


“If given this rare privilege and opportunity to lead, I wish to correct many things in this great state, such as: canceling the Lekki toll gate and moving the toll gates to other strategic parts of Lagos State, especially the borderlines of our state to help the ease of movement for all and sundry and reduce the transferred burden on the ordinary Lagos traders, workers, and students. Increasing subvention for the universities to help with improved capacities, professionalism and elevate the quality of education. There’d be no more ASUU problem in Lagos State, considering my Lagos State University student leadership experience, where I met Governors Otedola of blessed memory, Governor Oyinlola, and Governor Marwa. Staying longer in school than necessary can derail the goal of national development. Proper, welfare, monitoring, and fair evaluation of our lecturers should help us achieve this goal for the fact that I had the rare privilege to have met three past governors of Lagos State due to the same old story of the ASUU strike.

“There’d be free basic education, an end to the consistent bullying, maiming, and killing of our women and youths. I’d create youth engagement and empowerment programs; Provision of Social Services and systemic partnership with the international communities and the business communities alike. Capitalize on our waterways, for proper utilization and movement of freight and human. Re-enact zero tolerance for the dirty environment, clogged drainages, and flagrant display of indisciplined acts.


“I have been walking the talk and consulting with different electorates, ethnic groups, and key decision-makers in Lagos State with a positive view of getting their blessings to be the reputable governorship candidate in the next election in 2023. Lagos electorates, we need to change the narrative by coming together to build and retain formidable foot soldiers and polling booth lieutenants in the forthcoming election in Lagos State. It is very instructive for the electorates in Lagos State to have Lagos of their dreams and the masses to live and run the affair in the state with an all-inclusive government to make the state politically stable and united with all the residents benefitting genuinely from a true government committed to a better Lagos State for all.”

2023: I’m set to take over from Sanwo-Olu - APC member
2023: I’m set to take over from Sanwo-Olu – APC member

Speaking further, she said, “I cannot finish this parley without mentioning former governor and national leader of the APC, Bola Tinubu, and his successes so far. I acknowledge that it was Asiwaju who started the revolution of diversifying the Internal Revenue Generation that has made Lagos the darling of Nigeria, he was the one who worked hard to improve the internal security of Lagos, he also Reformed the Judiciary, as well as identified and groomed leaders. He also made reputable individuals who would never have thought that they could become affluent within a short time. He identifies the truth when he sees it too. These are some of the many good things about Tinubu.


“Though I know that no human is perfect as I know that the people around you can sometimes make you what you are not, I however also know that Tinubu needs to improve in other areas. One is to empower me by ensuring that I become the next governor of Lagos and also to empower other good women who will work with women and who will do the right thing no matter what. Women who are flexible and who are not afraid to lay the cards on the table, women who are not rude and who enjoy balancing work and family, after all, the purpose of power is service.

“The legacy Asiwaju has created resides within some individuals, we can move ahead by multiplying these and making Lagos and her residents great again. Uplifting and empowering multitudes will make the difference at this junction of our socio-political growth.”

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