2023 Presidential election : Why the Igbos should never contest


2023 Presidential election: Why the Igbos should never contest

Let’s put party sentiment aside and produce the next Igbo President. To get this right in no time, all the political parties in Nigeria should make an Igbo man their presidential candidate for equity sake. This is the only way to end the issue of marginalization in the country. Let’s put the national interest first before our personal interest, so that we will not fail our generation completely. The fathers of our land, our national political leaders from South West,South South and the entire North Should support Igbo presidency in 2023.Its important to note that the country belong to us all, let’s have equal rights to occupy the number one sit in the country

As politicians and leaders of this great nation we need to carry every region along for peace to rain in our country, let’s not allow greed or self-centered to kill our self-respect and the country unity. If we are not ready to leave together as a country anymore let’s start splitting now,no need to wait till 2023.Everyone and every region need to know where they belong to in this country.

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But the igbos must understand the fact, that power is never donated or given freely, but power is only gotten through struggle by those that seek for it. The hate speech and name’s calling from the igbos to their fellow Nigerians has to stop,and the eastern igbos need to realize that the country they want to rule is not a zoo,and the northerners are not cow’s,Westerners and South South are not animals and slaves living in the zoo,but we are all one nation. The Eastern Igbos should embrace every region, tribes and religion with love and respect so that the Igbo presidency will be actualize in 2023.
You can’t hate your country with passion and expect wonders in return,your hatred must come back to you.



A very strong politician,a great Leader from the Western part of the country is also interested in the position. And waiting patiently for the right time to strike without making noise, this politician is a political budoza , a political calculator that has done his homework perfectly and has also paid his dues politically. He has political structures in every part of the country,he has all it takes to be Nigeria president, a great leader that is generally accepted nationwide and he is never sentimental. He accept everybody as one and also believe in togetherness, he has proven himself beyond reasonable doubt.

Any Igbo man that is interested in the presidency should also do the same by putting his political structures in place in the 6 Geo political zones. The country is too big to cover within months before election. Struggle for 2023 presidency start now. Nobody will listen to any region complaining or crying of marginalization in 2023.Igbo presidency in 2023 is not easy but possible.

keeping Nigerian one is a task that must be done, by this present Buhari government and by all our national leaders,let’s us all make the next generation to be proud of us. The love, peace and unity must be maintained and continue to exist, let it not end in our time. This is my prayer for our great nation Nigeria, I stand with one Nigeria.

A Presidential country.






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